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The Slimform Plus Belt helps in training the abs. By sending mild electrical impulses, the muscles are stimulated. The Slimform Plus Belt has different programmes that give well trained abs and a firmer belly. It gives a maximum of training with a minimum of effort.


1 band, 1 klik, starten maar !

The Slimform Plus Belt works in an easy way. When using it on a regular basis, 4 times per week, increasing the intensity, it must be possible to measure results within 8 weeks.

The system consists of a stretchable belt that has electrodes on the inside. Those electrodes send mild electrical impulses through the muscles. They are activated to contract and relax, like they do in traditional ab training.

The Slimform Plus Belt has an automatic control that makes sure the intensity is never too high. The belt only works when all the electrodes have contact with the skin. To help with this, a bottle of gel is included.

The belt that goes around the waist is stretchable and can be worn by everybody. When the belt is attached and a program is chosen, the rest goes by itself. During the program, the freedom of movement is not limited. It is possible to do other things while doing an optimal abs workout.

Specifications Slimform Plus Belt:

  • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Belt with electrodes
  • 5 different training programmes
  • Stretchable belt, fits everyone
  • Results within 8 weeks

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