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The best experience in bicycle navigation

Meet the Mio Cyclo™ 315: the lightweight, easy-to-use bicycle navigation device, designed with an anti-glare fl at screen, perfectly readable in the brightest sunlight. With cycle paths and road maps pre-installed, you can get started right out of the box.


The Mio Cyclo™ 315 allows you to navigate easily from point A to B or to follow your preferred routes. However, if you choose to use the unique Surprise Me™ feature, the Mio Cyclo™ 315 will offer you three surprising bicycle routes based upon your entered time, distance or destination. This is the ideal feature for anyone who doesn’t feel like downloading tracks: you just choose Surprise Me™, and you can get on your bike and go. And if you are riding with more people, you just use the Shake and Share feature, which allows you to share your selected route with your friends by simply shaking your device.


The fl at, anti-glare 3” touch screen and lightweight design make the Mio Cyclo™ 315 perfect for anyone who likes stylish design and wants a slimline device to fi t on their lightweight bike. The turn-by-turn navigation effortlessly guides you, indicating every instruction with a clear sound alert. With a simple menu structure and clear on-screen buttons, the Mio Cyclo™ 315 offers you true ease of use.


With the MioShare™ desktop application you are able to store your data and manage your route history. The easy-to-use application allows you to download routes and enjoy new roads and areas that others fi nd interesting. The application is also your one-stop shop for managing your device and downloading map updates, software updates or the latest product information.


The Mio Cyclo™ 315 is fully equipped for the dedicated cyclist. As well as measuring everything you need to know about your performance, it also offers you workout programs, which can be done outdoors, but also indoors when the weather is not
allowing you to cycle outside. It comes with a built-in ANT+™ sensor, allowing you to easily connect with a wireless heart-rate monitor, wheel- and cadence sensor.


And with the Mio Cyclo™ 315 HC, a wireless heartrate monitor and wheel- and cadence sensors are already included to complete the pa